Quake-resistant 'alien spaceship' apartment has crash site looks

Yaohua Wang Architecture's single-family "Beijing House II" can only be described as alien. Its organic-like structure and the fact that it looks like some kind of Matrix machine of war from another galaxy smashed into the side of a building makes it all the more stimulating.

Built to be attached to an old out of use Beijing factory, the Beijing House II is earthquake-resistant and has hatches for doors — perfect for hiding inside while the apocalypse rages on outside. Inside, you'll find one bedroom, one studio space, and a "green room."

The architects say they intentionally designed the apartment to utilize the space above the street and counter the popularity of large residential tower designs. All we can say is, the design is definitely out of this world.

Sadly, this 2 million dollar project will probably never fly (literally, too) — it's only a schematic plan. These lovely computer renders will just have to suffice until someone does build it.

Yaohua Wang Architecture, via DesignBoom

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