Post-Fukushima, radiation detecting smartphones come into vogue

It was just last week that we showed you what a post-nuclear accident Tokyo commute might look like. Well now Japan's biggest phone company, Docomo, has unveiled a disturbingly practical new device: a smartphone accessory to help you measure radiation.

Scheduled to be unveiled at the CEATEC Japan conference in October, the system requires a specialized case and the download of an app, and with this you'll then be able to detect radiation levels from 0.01 microsieverts to 100 millisieverts per hour. The company also announced similar devices designed to measure ultraviolet rays and body fat percentages. But let's be honest, the radiation detector will be the first thing consumers are likely to take note of, especially since Docomo is partially owned the Japanese government itself. Could it be that we're witnessing the beginning of a new trend in radiation aware devices?

Via Asahi Shimbun

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