Portable power plant could become the iPod of green energy

Living green is an honorable, but often difficult prospect for those living in busy cities, but a new device may do for green energy on the go what Apple did for the MP3 player with the iPod classic.

Designed by Werner Aisslinger and produced by German company Younicos, the Yill is a mobile lithium titanium battery pack that allows you to take your work with you anywhere regardless of power outlets or desk arrangements. The Yill takes about four hours to charge and can then be easily rolled, much like a small weekend suitcase, with you to your destination. And although rolling around with your own mini-power plant is considered uncommon today, the look and feel of the device is what gives it a chance to possibly go mainstream in the future.

For now, pricing has not been released and it appears the device is being sold primarily to large companies, but in the meantime you can see the Yill in action in the video below.

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