Orgio 3D printer turns kids' drawings into toys

3D printers have been getting cheaper and better, but I've never really seen why they'd be useful. But the Origo 3D printer, which is designed to turn kids' drawings into toys, shows the potential that this tech has.

This cute little printer can turn any drawing into a 3D object. And when a kid gets bored with their creation? It can recycle the material into something new.

While it's just a concept right now, this definitely looks like something I could see really taking off and putting 3D printers into homes everywhere. Designers Artur Tchoukanov and Joris Peels claim that it would "have the size as big as three Xbox 360's and as expensive as four Xbox 360's," it'd hopefully be a little cheaper than that once mass-produced. In any case, this may be the thing that makes 3D printing a mass market activity.

Origo via Tuvie

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