Old floppy disk drives still good for playing Star Wars tunes

Who says floppy disks are dead? YouTube user sh4dowww90 has a great use for a pair of old 3.5-inch floppy drives: repurpose them to play the Star Wars "Imperial March" tune. This is definitely the floppy disk drives you're looking for.

According to sh4dowww90's site, the sound comes from a "magnetic head moved by a stepper motor" and to make each note "the head must be moved with appropriate frequency." It's all controlled by an ATMega microcontroller.

If this little hack sounds familiar, you might remember a while back, another guy used a hard drive to play the same tune.

Not too bad. Sh4dowww90's next project? To connect a bunch of 5.25-inch and 8-inch drivers to create an orchestra. We can't wait for that!

Silent.it.cx and YouTube, via OhGizmo

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