Nissan's mind-reading car could drive you home when you're drunk

The idea of your car being able to read your brain to decide whether you're about to dose off or just need a little driving assistance could become a reality. Nissan's doing research to create a smarter car — one that predicts what you might do next when you're behind the wheel. Hell yeah!

Nissan's not doing it alone, though. It's partnered up with Switzerland's École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne to figure out how to implement mind-reading tech into tomorrow's cars.

According to FastCompany, the researchers already have a mind-reading wheelchair system in place and are moving on to the next big challenge — cars. Presumably, a number of sensors will "monitors brain activity, eye movement, and the surrounding environment to predict whether a driver plans to, say, make a right turn, speed up, or change lanes on the highway."

More importantly, when you're sloshing back to your car inebriated, such a system in your car could sense that you're too smashed and refuse to start up, keep speeds at certain speed limits or maybe even kick things into auto-driving mode.

A mind-reading car would change the way we interact with our cars, but there are still some challenges. FastCompany is quick to ask what happens if the system misreads brain activity? Well, I guess that's Nissan's job to polish, now isn't it?

Still, I'd love for a smart car that's actually intelligent, as opposed to just being small.

Via FastCompany

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