Nike looks set to unveil its Back to the Future shoes (Updated!)

We've still got about four years until the "future" of Back to the Future Part II arrives, and we still don't seem all that much closer to hoverboards or flying cars. But it looks like Nike may deliver on one prediction: Marty McFly's famous self-lacing hightops.

Nike is set to make a big announcement at a "super secret" event in West Hollywood in the next couple of days. They haven't said exactly what they're announcing, but they have handed out some pretty sweet Back to the Future wraparound shades to the press with the words "It's About Time" written on them. What else could it be?

I, for one, am just excited that I'll soon never have to tie my own shoes again. Maybe the hoverboards will come next year. You never know!

Update: Now we do know, and the end result ain't pretty. Well, okay, it is kind of pretty, but click through to see what we mean.

Via High Snobiety

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