MTV has met its match in what may be the future of Internet TV

There are so many great ideas out there, but when someone gets it right, you have to be sure to praise such efforts and hope others follow suit. This is the case with the new, a new form of music television that takes Web television rapidly in the right direction.

It's a shame that MTV didn't come up with this solution, but reality shows have seduced the network to such an extent that it's easy to see how the music television pioneer missed the boat on this one. The interface and user experience on Cull is so great, I think this should become the default interface copied by anyone launching an online TV network. It's just that good. In addition to a slick interface, the site has developed a recommendation engine that allows you to curate your own channel as well as influence the viewing habits of other users. The built-in channels focus on a wide array of genres making this an easy choice for true music fans. (I'm already hooked, if you can't tell.)

Many have tried to deploy Internet Protocol television (IPTV) networks with varying degrees of success, but after many years of watching the attempts, my instincts tell me that this is the seamless, user-friendly model that may finally jumpstart the IPTV movement for the mainstream. You can start watching here.

Via NewTeeVee

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