Modded PSP with dual analog sticks plays GameCube games

Screw the PS Vita. For those of us who don't live in Japan, it won't come out until next year. That means, we'll all be pining for one this holiday season, but won't get one. What's the next best thing to ask for? A Fusion Micro — a PSP with an entire GameCube shoved inside and a second analog stick.

YouTube modder Ashen123451 must have loved the ill-fated GameCube so much that he gutted one open and jammed its guts into a PSP. You might be wondering, well, how does it all fit in there?

It doesn't. In the modding process, the PSP's rear received an entire implant to accommodate a fan and the GameCube's optical disc tray was removed. Ripped games (presumably legal ones) run off an SD card, while power is supplied through the PSP's AC port.

The fact that everything runs nearly flawlessly is pretty rad. If that's not enough, the Fusion Micro runs other emulators too, like an SNES one. Until Nintendo releases the inevitable The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker port on the 3DS, the only way to play 'Cube games on the go is through a mod like this.

It's without a question, neither Nintendo or Sony would smile at this mashup.

YouTube, via GoNintendo

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