This is what a $1,000 German-engineered ironing board looks like

Your least favorite piece of housework, after washing the toilet bowl, has got to be ironing. But unless you've got a job interview and your lone suit jacket's been stuffed under your mattress since last Labor Day, there really isn't much to motivate you to drag the iron out to do anything except make a grilled cheese sandwich.

A lot of the show here at the IFA in Berlin (essentially the CES of Europe) is appliances, and German company Miele unveiled the FashionMaster "active ironing system," an ironing ensemble that a non-ironing geeks would love to use.

It's a fold-up ironing board so it can be easily stored standing up, and with wheels to more easily move it into position.

Okay, BFD, right? But it's got an iron with a honeycombed plate that guarantees steam is perfectly distributed across the entire soleplate, and makes the iron sail smoothly across cloth. It also lets you know when it needs to be cleaned.

Want more? It's got a steamer built in, too, to really help rid your threads of wrinkles. And the steam can inflate the board padding (that way the seams on the board don't leave an impression on whatever you're ironing, thereby requiring re-ironing, and to iron gentle fabrics without crushing the fabric).

What Miele hasn't ironed out is when we get it here in the states. Europe has all the really cool appliances, and we usually have to wait a year before the cool stuff gets here — if ever. If FashionMaster makes it across the Atlantic, it'll run around an uncool $1,200-$1,500.

Posted hands-on at IFA in Berlin.

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