Man mods his windows to automatically close when trains pass

Ed Rogers lives in an apartment that would be a dream for train watchers, but nightmarish for fans of sleeping. He lives right up against the tracks, and sometimes really long, noisy trains come rolling by. His solution? Automatically closing windows, with the help of some tech-savvy know-how and a 3D printer.

Mr. Rogers, pictured, probably has a little more DIY know-how than the average geek, as he's cobbled together a rig that uses custom-designed controllers, Adruino boards, specially-printed components using a Makerbot and a webcam. When all those powers combined, he's got himself a system that can visually detect passing trains and close his bedroom windows to minimize the noise.

The system has some drawbacks, and Rogers is aware of them. The windows close rather slowly, meaning you still get that first screech of sound from the passing train. Still, they all close together, and it beats having to get out of bed to close 'em all. An added advantage is that his windows are now remote-controlled, so he could open them without getting up, too.

See Rogers walk you through his setup in the video below.

Marc de Vinck, via BuildLounge

(Thanks, Mark!)

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