Magic Mirror spies on you in the bathroom; makes suggestions

For many people, the bathroom is the one sanctuary where we can escape the constant scrutiny of modern life. The Magic Mirror may soon end that privacy however, as an electronic watchdog that keeps you in touch with life beyond the smallest room.

Developed by the New York Times' own research and development lab, the mirror is far more than just a simple display which can give you news and weather information. This mirror is much more interactive, incorporating a Kinect sensor to track what you're doing in the bathroom. Based on this it can do things like see what type of shirt you have on and make matching tie suggestions, or it can use its RFID tag reader to determine which prescriptions you are taking, and print on-screen warnings.

This sounds like a far smarter idea than using your phone or tablet in the bathroom, where it can easily fall into the sink or worse. Still, I'm having a tough time with having even a machine track your movements and activities in such a personal space.

Extreme Tech, via PopSci

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