Life of George is an iOS game you play with Lego bricks

This is pretty sweet: Life of George is a new iOS game that gives you a pattern and then has you build it out of Lego bricks. When you're done, you snap a picture and it scores your work.

Here's how the whole thing works:

Using a free EyeCue-enabled iOS app, players are tasked with recreating George's photographs using 144 included Lego bricks on a specialized "green screen-like" gaming mat. Once the model is complete, you'll take a photo with your iDevice to be scored based on your building speed and accuracy to the original picture.

For $30 you get the kit and its included bricks, and the app itself is free. There are 12 levels with 10 photos each, as well as a two-player game and "a creation mode which lets you create playable models out of your own snapshots." It all sounds pretty awesome to me. You agree? It's out on October 1st.

Via Engadget

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