LED umbrella hides you from the prying eyes of Big Brother

Earlier this year the world was introduced to Britain's "hoodies" who looted their cities wearing the head coverings to avoid the country's ubiquitous CCD surveillance cameras. But if they had just contacted a certain professor, they might have simply used a lovely modded parasol to conceal their mischief.

Created by Mark Shepard, the CCD-Me-Not is a modified umbrella that is studded with infrared LEDs that are designed to confuse the object detection algorithms used in computer-aided surveillance systems now common in some major cities. The umbrella is an offshoot of a larger project called Sentient City, which offers a number of concept devices that would allow citizens to do everything from wear sensor-detecting clothing to setting up ad hoc wireless networks hidden in thermos bottles during one's commute. Images of the CCD-Me-Not are in the gallery, and you can check it out in action in the short video below.

Via CanadianArt

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