Japan gets PS Vita in December with tons of launch games

Those lucky Japanese gamers — they get to buy Sony's PS Vita first. Mark your calendars for December 17, if you live in Japan or plan on importing one of these bad boys, because it's likely going to sell out.

Sony's pulling out all the stops to make the PS Vita a success and it all starts with the games. Twenty-six launch titles will be available including some big names like Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ridge Racer and Katamari Damacy. About 100 titles will be released during the PS Vita's launch window, with 500-600 digital versions of PSP games available on the PlayStation Network.

That last bit is Sony's way of telling you, you'll get digital versions of your PSP UMD games. Because the PS Vita uses flash carts and doesn't have an optical drive, the only way for the company to offer backwards compatibility is via digital downloads. It's a great gesture that gamers are sure to appreciate.

Other notables from Sony's press conference for the PS Vita include the announcement of Metal Gear Solid HD Edition, Zone of the Enders HD and a remake of Final Fantasy X in high-def. Yeah, baby!

Wondering about battery life? Sony's official numbers say the handheld will have 3-5 hours, which about what you'd expect from a device with such horsepower.

And in case you're asking, Sony will also be selling PS Vita accessories like a carrying pouch, cables, dock/stand, etc. Who's importing one? I'm tempted to have a buddy of mine grab one for me, but its menus will be in Japanese (maybe that's the way to improving my elementary Japanese!).

Joystiq, via Engadget

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