It's official: Apple's iPhone event is October 4

It's been long-rumored, but now it's official: Apple is announcing the next iPhone on October 4, next Tuesday. Or, at least, Apple has only gone so far as to say it'll be talking about the iPhone in general, but not unveiling new hardware would be crazy.

At 10 A.M. PST, Apple's having an event on its Cupertino campus, the invite for which can be seen above and reads on "Let's talk iPhone." So yes, it's about the iPhone. Will Apple announce a newly-redesigned iPhone 5, or a spec-bumped iPhone 4S? The company is sure to spend a lot of time on iOS 5 and iCloud, but beyond that we'll just have to wait and see. Stay tuned!

To tide you over, here's some recent iPhone 5 coverage from DVICE:

CORRECTION: The headline above originally stated that "Apple's iPhone 5 event is October 4." Since the company has not explicitly stated new hardware will be announced, we've changed our headline to reflect this. But, seriously, c'maaan.

NOTE: As pointed out in the comments below, the iPhone 5 may not be called the iPhone 5 — something we've written about quite a bit. Either way, it will be Apple's 5th iPhone, its iPhone 5th gen or iPhone 5 or whatever the company ends up calling it. Whether or not the company uses the name now or in the future, or if it lives up the anticipation that's been built around "iPhone 5" as a designation is another story. -Ed

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