It's an HDTV. It's a Windows PC. It's a white board. It's all three.

Seeing someone drawing on an HDTV — on the actual screen with an actual electronic pen — stopped a lot of IFA show-goers by German LCD maker Hannspree's booth (I cropped out the surrounding rubber-neckers). We were all gawking at woman's face being sketched on the Lounge TV 70, a 70-inch 1920-by-1080-pixel HDTV.

Except the artist isn't technically drawing on the "TV," because in addition to it being a regular, old HDTV, the Lounge TV 70 also a full-blown Windows 7 Pro Edition PC. She's using one of the business apps (I was too fascinated watching her draw on a TV to ask which app) that's part of whatever Hannspree spruced up the OS with.

When can you buy this bad boy? Got me, got Hannspree — they don't know. The demonstrator didn't even have any of the computing specs because the set in the booth is just a prototype. But I'll bet lots of corporate types would love one for their board or conference rooms.

Posted hands-on at IFA in Berlin.

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