Is this the iPhone 5? Unboxing of bootleg phone surfaces

There was a time when the iPhone and iPad counterfeiters of China would at least wait for a product to be officially released before coming up with their own alternative, but those days are apparently over.

A video has surfaced that purports to show a new fake iPhone 5 from China. The device does look different from the iPhone 4 and its predecessor, and even comes with a cool mini-remote control, but the most significant addition is a stylus, an add-on that most Apple observers would assume as too clunky for the brand's tastes and a dead give away as a fake iPhone feature. Nevertheless, we all know that iPhones are made in China and that there have been problems keeping track of supply at times.

So when the real iPhone 5 does finally come out in October, if it looks anything like this, we'd have to suggest that Apple start looking for another manufacturing location outside of China, because this is just ridiculous. You can see the video of the unboxing below.

Via Nikkan-Spa.

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