iPad-inspired Smart Keyboard for iPhone concept is pure genius

Based on consumer interest it would easy for some to say that the iPhone is the perfect smartphone, but for many others the lack of a tactile keyboard is still the device's greatest failing. One clever new concept remedies this by presenting a solution so quintessentially Apple-like it could fit into the brand's product line-up immediately.

The SmartKeyboard concept was designed by Jing Yang of the eico Motion Lab in China to illustrate a simple way to give the iPhone a tactile keyboard by using the same magnetic and colorful solution employed by the the very real iPad 2 Smart Covers. And, just like the Smart Cover, the SmartKeyboard would easily slide off whenever you're done typing. Most Blackberry-to-iPhone refugees will agree, this product should exist. You can see the SmartKeyboard concept in action in the video below.

Via Mobiflip

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