In-flight Wi-Fi ready to get 4X boost in surfing speed

Having in-flight Wi-Fi is a godsend, but it's not exactly what most would call fast. It's acceptable for light browsing, but not for streaming HD videos. Gogo says its in-flight Wi-Fi will be getting a major 4X boost in speed by early next year.

By the first half of 2012, Virgin America flights will get boosted ATG-4 Wi-Fi service thanks to upgraded dual-modems, additional directional antennas and EV-DO Rev. B tech. With ATG-4, speeds of up to four times that of today's in-flight Wi-Fi.

Virgin America and Gogo first introduced in-flight Wi-Fi in 2008. Since then, the amount of flying passengers who use its wireless Internet service has gone up — with about one-third of all flyers logging in.

Gogo Wi-Fi is currently available on American Airlines, Delta, United, Frontier, Alaska Airlines and AirTran. If the upgrades prove successful, expect the rest of Gogo's partners to follow in Virgin America's footsteps and get the faster Wi-Fi upgrade. Hoo-ray!

Gogo, via Electronista and CNET

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