Image of the Day: India-Pakistan border glows from space

That glowing orangeish line you see? That is the India-Pakistan border as seen from the International Space Station.

Check out the quote below from NASA for more details on this incredible sight, and see it larger by clicking on the image below that.

A striking feature is the line of lights, with a distinctly orange hue, snaking across the center of the image. It appears to be more continuous and brighter than most highways in the view. This is the fenced and floodlit border zone between India and Pakistan. The fence is designed to discourage smuggling and arms trafficking. A similar fenced zone separates India's eastern border from Bangladesh (not visible).

The distinct, bright zone above the horizon (visible at image top) is airglow, a phenomena caused by excitation of atoms and molecules high in the atmosphere (above 80 kilometers, or 50 miles altitude) by ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. Part of the ISS Permanent Multipurpose Module and a solar panel array are visible at image right.


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Via Huffington Post and NASA

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