How to create an awesome DIY Daft Punk helmet in just four months

Not all do-it-yourself projects are created equal, so when we tell you that this is one of the best original attempts at making a working Daft Punk helmet, what we actually mean is that this is a project only to be undertaken by the samurai tinkerers out there.

Crafted by Harrison Krix of Volpin Props, this Daft Punk helmet replica not only looks just like the real thing, but has a fully working, programmable LED faceplate (coded by James Moss who offers his Arduino code here).

Krix seems willing to share the details of how he created the ultimate helmet, but if you don't plan on getting your hands dirty you can see a time lapse version of the process from plaster to perfection in the video below.

Via Volpin Props

Photo by Dan Almasy via Flickr.

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