Harman Kardon's $690 iPhone dock costs more than an iPhone

So, you want something to plug your iPhone into so it can play music into your living room. Harman Kardon is hoping you're willing to drop a whopping $690 on their new MS 150.

Why is it so expensive? Well, that's not entirely clear. It's got a slot-loading CD player for all those CDs I'm sure you're buying these days, an FM tuner that displays text, two 30W loudspeakers and two 3.5mm headphone jacks. I'm sure it sounds nice, but for that much money I sure would hope so. I'd say if you want to play music from your iPhone in your living room you'd be better off buying a stereo and just plugging your iPhone into that via the AUX jack, but I suppose that might not be as elegant a solution as this. Do with this information what you will.

Harman Kardon via iPodNN

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