Handroid could be the robotic hand for the masses

We've seen elaborate and finely articulated remote-controlled robotic hands in sci-fi movies and high-end labs, but now the invention is set to invade the consumer market in the form of a clever new system called Handroid.

Developed by Japan's ITK, the system pairs a glove controller with a robotic hand that moves in perfect sync with the glove's wearer. Because every single servomotor-powered finger of the robotic hand can be controlled with precision from the glove, the company hopes to offer the system for use in dangerous work environments and for those who have lost the use of their hands.

The only thing keeping this out of reach of most is the price tag: $6,500. The company plans to go commercial with the system in about two years, but in the mean time you can see the Handroid in action in the video below.

Via Robots.Net

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