Gadget ninja origami clothing reveals the future of fashion

One of my favorite things about science fiction movies is analyzing the fashion and seeing the director's vision of what we'll be wearing while driving our flying cars. Well now a new series of videos indicates that we may actually be ready for futuristic fashion today.

Germany-based Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher, winners of TIME magazine's 'Coolest Inventions of 2002' launched ACRONYM with the intention merging style and technology, and their latest video fashion shows (directed by Ken-Tonio Yamamoto) proves they have done just that. In the first video, we see Hugh doing a kind of origami-style display of device concealment and storage, all seamlessly merged with some very Blade Runner-esque fashion.

The second video is more of the same, but with a decidedly futurist feminine twist. Usually sci-fi-inspired fashion looks foolish, but this stuff looks very ready to wear. If you ever wanted that Jedi look, but were worried about cloaks and zipper boots not being in vogue, it looks like your time has come. You can see the videos below.

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