Ford's Android controlled e-bike uses Formula One race car tech

It seems like every car maker has been coming up with bikes lately, but unlike that relatively conventional Ferrari bike, Ford's offering uses some pretty radical automotive tech.

Most e-bikes let you choose between electric drive, pedal power, or a combination of both, but the Ford bike uses magnetostriction sensors in the electric front hub that can sense how hard you are pedaling, and automatically vary the amount of electric power to match. They also know when you are turning, and will adjust the drive so that you maintain proper control through the turn. These sensors were developed for Formula One cars, and work by detecting deflections in a magnetic field around the sensor. An Android app lets you tweak the settings from your smartphone mounted up on the handlebars.

The bike itself has a hybrid aluminum and carbon fiber frame with a unisex design, and uses a Shimano Alfine hub gearchange driven by a carbon belt.

Ford was keeping quiet about availability, but the fact that they are developing an iPhone version of the control app suggests that this might actually hit the production lines.

Ford hasn't given their e-bike a name yet, so how about calling it the Ford Exertion?

Ford, via Wired Gadget Lab

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