Foldable boat lets you take a row in any pool of water, anytime

People love foldable stuff. Why? Because it takes up less space and is makes carrying gear easier. But, a foldable row boat? Damn right, two product designers created a pair of foldable row boats. Now, I can finally conquer any river I want, wherever I'm at.

British designers Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies are the guys behind Boat One and Boat Two. Both are foldable, but do so differently. Boat One folds into a transport pack — oars and all. Boat Two however just flattens into a sheet.

The designers say that Boat Two can be assembled in two minutes with only three parts. It really doesn't get simpler than this if rowing down the river with your date after a candle-lit dinner is your kind of thing.

I can think of a dozen of uses for this. Like, it'd make packing a boat on a camping trip less troublesome (no more rope and tying it to the roof) and if flattened, it'd fit in the trunk very easily.

Where can you buy one? Sadly, neither boat is for sale. Another great idea, that's not for sale. How disappointing.

FoldInfo, via Likecool

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