Floating island nation is a great place to escape from the world

If you're an ultra rich person and you want to hide your wealth from the world's governments, it's hard to beat your own micronation. Project Utopia aims to be that type of place, as a floating globe hopping paradise for the people with money to burn.

With 11 decks of living space, the 330-ft diameter Utopia doesn't look like a ship because it isn't designed to move from place to place at speed. It will simply float around in International waters, keeping its residents far from the reach of pesky governments.

Each leg has a fully azimuthing thruster propeller to move the island around, but there doesn't appear to be anywhere for growing food. This means Utopia will have to be serviced on a regular basis, which sounds like a weak spot in their independence scheme.

Project Utopia was created by the British design group BMT Nigel Gee, working with those crazy folks at Yacht Island Design. At least this one isn't quite as crazy as that volcano ship they came up with a few months ago.

Charter World, via Born Rich

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