Fitness office chair lets you get a workout right at your desk

Sitting at a desk all day does no favors to your body, but getting to a gym for a workout can be tough for office workers. This office chair doubles as an exercise machine, with built in resistance handles and footrests to stretch out your muscles.

Designer Benjamin Cselley gave his Fitness Work chair an expanding base that widens out to provide extra stability when you're in workout mode. You can then tilt the backrest to near horizontal for leg exercises with your feet in the spring resisted foot stirrups. You can also unlock and rotate the bottom cushion relative to the backrest for a twisting abdominal workout.

This looks a lot more sensible than that crazy Hawaii Chair, and it doesn't force you to be healthy all of the time like one of those standing desks. The only real catch is that the Fitness Work chair is currently just a concept.

Benjamin Cselley, via Yanko Design

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