Finally, a garage door opener that works with your smartphone

Almost every garage door has an electric opener these days, but the technology has hardly changed in the last 40 years. Now somebody has finally brought this simple device into the 21st century, with an app that lets you control the door from your phone.

Several people have posted ways to hack your garage door opener into your home network so it will work with a phone, but the Craftsman AssureLink is the first truly integrated ready-to-go package. The app can be used as a simple remote, but it also allows you to check and control the door from anywhere. This is useful if your kid forgets his key and calls you needing access to the house, or if your neighbor wants to borrow your ladder, yet again.

This sounds a huge improvement on those clunky old remotes that clip to your visor which are not only ugly, but can also pose a real security risk. Leave your car parked outside with the remote visible, and an intruder only has to reach in and hit the button to gain access to your house. By putting the door control on your phone, the remote goes with you into the house eliminating this security weakness.

AssureLink ready Craftsman garage door openers start at $275, while the app itself is available for iPhone of Android.

Craftsman, via SlashGear

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