Facebook unveils Timeline, its newly revamped profile view

Facebook just unveiled the biggest change to the profile page in a long time with Timeline, a more visual setup that makes it easier to see how your life has changed over time.

Essentially, Timeline will allow people to scroll through major updates you've made in your life/on Facebook over time, so your wedding pictures won't get buried under updates about what you just ate for lunch. You'll be able to select what stuff is featured there, and at what size, making your profile sort of a homepage for your life. The feed will still exist, but the profile will look radically different.

What you'll notice most, probably, will be people whining about Facebook changing things on Facebook and threatening to quit Facebook. None of them will, and almost all of them will get used to and love the new version, only to complain about the next changes they make. Ah, the circle of life.

Facebook via NY Times

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