Ear-tastic iPhone case probably won't fool anybody

Most iPhone cases are pretty boring, but every now and then we see one and say "why didn't we think of that?" The EARonic is a bit like that, with a picture that mimics a human ear, and which should generate a few double takes.

The EARonic comes in five different versions, so you can choose the one that most closely resembles your own ear. They appear to assume that you hold your phone up to your right ear, which kind of makes it useless for a lefty like myself.

My favorite is the one that makes it look like you're already wearing a Bluetooth earpiece. If you use that one, I wonder if you could trick the traffic cops into thinking that you were using a hands free device, and just scratching your chin with your hand?

EARonic iPhone cases are available now for $20 each.

CollabCubed, via Unplgged

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