DVICE is looking for a few good feature writers

Are you passionate about technology, science, space, video games and crazy toasters? Well, friend, I may have the perfect job for you.

Read this post carefully. As much as we'd like to, we won't be able to respond to everyone, and following the directions below will give you a better chance of getting noticed.

What A DVICE Feature Looks Like

We believe that technology is making the world a better place (yes, despite monstrous machines like this) and that technology is something that everyone should care about. With that in mind, we try to be forward-looking and positive, informative yet accessible, all while maintaining a firm grip on our sense of humor.

What we're looking for most is fun and original content that's topical. Here are some examples from the excellent feature writers already writing for DVICE:

The Ideal Candidate

I only have one rule: when writing for DVICE, you should be writing about what you're personally interested in.

No matter where you come from or where you are now, what you're up to or what you're into, the best writing is passionate and knowledgeable. That it's a good fit for DVICE should be a happy coincidence, not something that's forced. Maybe you're a scientist or a robo-hobbyist or an author or a modder. It doesn't matter. We're looking for strong voices with something interesting to say.

The ideal DVICE candidate has writing experience, is plugged into the world of technology in some way (read: this does not necessarily mean you are a reporter — we have that covered) and is comfortable coming up with and pitching ideas he or she finds interesting. The ideal candidate is also able to produce clean, compelling copy in days, not weeks. Also, while this job is fun, it's not easy. You're going to be expected to perform what the service requires.

Writing features for DVICE can be frequent or infrequent, depending on what makes sense. This is not a full-time job offer, however, and should not be approached as such. That said, if DVICE falls in love with you, who knows where this will go.

How To Apply

The subject of your email should read: "Join up now." This code will make it easy to find in an otherwise chaotic inbox, and prove to me you can read. (A must in this profession, sadly.) Please avoid large attachments.

Send a brief resume and some tech-related writing samples to Kevin (that's me) at editor@dvice.com. Don't have tech writing samples? You're still very welcome to apply, though be ready to write a little something showing what you've got to show.

Note: Comments to this post will not be considered applications. Questions, critiques, compliments and good ol' trolling are all welcome, of course, and you can hit us up at our Twitter and on Facebook. I read everything here and there.

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