Cute Death Star dress wants you to forget about Star Wars on Blu-ray

For better or worse, you can finally own all six Star Wars movies on Blu-ray. You've probably heard about the edits — we've been trying to forget. We've tried origami, cake and Lego, but nothing's done the trick. Help us, Jennifer Landa, you're our only hope!

Landa stitched together her planet-smashingly adorable dress for the San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year, and even topped it off with a fetching TIE Interceptor hair clip. To get that nice, round Death Star look, she applied papier-mache to a beach ball, cut it in half and then spray-painted it gray. All of the detail on it comes from strips of craft foam and black fabric tape and paint.

The TIE Interceptor is from Micro Machines (despite not being so micro), and I'm pretty sure I used to run that same exact one around my grandmother's house navigating it between the furniture.

Here's that hair clip closer up:


And the fine detail of Landa's dress:


Hey, maybe the glorious crispness of Blu-ray more than makes up for a couple of ill-conceived tweaks. It isn't saving the set from fan rage, however, which is carrying a two star rating (out of five) on Amazon right now after nearly 2,000 user reviews.

Be sure to read an interview with Landa (oh, if only your name was Lambda or Lando, that would have been perfect!)

Star Wars blog, via Toxel

Photos by Bonnie Burton/

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