Computer game to cut high school education time down to one year

You read that headline correctly. Nolan Bushnell, who you may know as Atari's founder says he's been working on a project called "Speed to Learn" — a cloud computing game that he believes can be implemented to give students a complete high school education in under one year.

What kind of game is it? Specifics weren't mentioned and screenshots weren't shown in's report, but The Escapist says the games are "arcade-style videogames combined with aerobic activity for the purpose of education."

Bushnell isn't bringing Diablo 3 or Rage to schools, but his plan is based on the rewards system. For example, if a child solves a math equation in X amount of time, he/she gets something as a reward.

"We've been in hundreds of classrooms with 40,000 kids. We are currently teaching subjects 10 times faster. We believe that when we roll this up to full curriculum we'll be able to teach a full career of high school in less than a year. And we think we'll be able to do that by the end of next year."

The reasoning behind cloud computing is that Bushnell believes that with it, he can eradicate most of the technical problems that plague school computers: viruses, malware, or outdated software. He says that if schools embraced cloud computing, everything would be handled on the back end, leading to updated computers with the latest software to keep students on the cutting edge.

We're all for accelerated learning, but he's forgetting something else too, and that is, high school isn't just about learning as much information as possible. It's also about the experience, memories and friends that you pick up along the way. That's something that can't be sped up. (registration required), via The Escapist

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