Coming soon: 3D video recording with Nintendo 3DS

Along with news of the Expansion Slide Pad, Nintendo will also be offering another software update that'll let 3DS users shoot their own fun 3D videos. Time to shoot my homemade AVATAR sequel.

First rumored in January, it looks like 3D video recording will actually happen. A software update in November will bring the magic.

The 3DS can already take mesmerizing (although grainy) 3D photos, so it make sense for it to be capable of shooting 3D video. Unfortunately, because both of its rear cameras are 0.3-megapixels (640 x 480), I don't expect recorded 3D video to look as great as the stuff you see on the silver screen.

For 3DS fans, the feature is welcome. Better late than never, as they say. An update to the eShop and StreetPass Mii Plaza will also be provided as well.

Looking at it months after a "successful" launch, it's easy to say that had features like 3D recording been available from the start, Nintendo might not have needed such drastic price cut. With a great lineup of games, Nintendo has a chance to really turn around the 3DS's low attach rate as we head into the holidays. Don't mess it up, Ninty.

Via Electronista

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