Citroen Tubik concept almost makes vans cool again

If you have to drive around in a van for some reason, I suppose it might as well look like a space fighter. Citroën's Tubik concept is "a concept car van designed to make travel meaningful again," apparently because it comes with a back seat that extends into a bed as well as a sexy future lady who may or may not be a robot programmed to do your every bidding.

Besides the robot tease, Citroën is pretty light on the info. We do know that the Tubik is "shared, intelligent, connected and eco-friendly," but those buzzwords so effectively communicate absolutely nothing that we can only assume that Citroën wants to wait until the official unveiling at the Frankfurt motor show to provide all the details.

And as far as making vans cool again, well... The Tubik is certainly a start. But until Citroën redesigns it with a black and silver two-tone paint job, a red spoiler, and too many lights, I ain't gettin' no van, fool!

See more of the Citroën Tubik concept in the gallery below.

Via Autoblog

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