Chinese dad lets four-year-old daughter drive car on highway

On this lovely Labor Day, if you're off from work, we encourage you to spend time with your family and friends. What kind of memories can you create? One controversial video is going viral: the one where a dad in China lets his four-year-old daughter take the car through traffic and not kill anybody.

At an age where most kids are playing with toy cars or learning their ABCs, this little Chinese girl who manages to drive a real car is kind of like a prodigy.

There's no doubt that this girl is talented behind the wheel, but it's also clear as day her father is kind of an idiot for even letting her take the wheel, while he films the entire thing. Letting a four-year-old who can barely even see above the steering wheel drive — and without a seatbelt too — is just reckless endangerment for her, him, and everybody else on the highway.

But there's something calming about how this tot drives. Sure, she can't even reach the pedals (there appears to be some kind of extension mechanism that her dad takes out towards the end of the video), but her ability to not crash, pull over and bring the car to a stop is impressive.

Call us in 20 years and we wouldn't be shocked if she became a professional race car driver.

We know that China's booming middle class is going gaga for automobiles, but this is just tipping things over the edge. Check out the four-year-old driver in action below.

Via TheWeek

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