Chinese man builds flying wheel with eight motorcycle motors

There's really nothing China's DIY tinkerers can't build. We've seen them all from Iron Man suits to homemade iPads, these guys know how to build stuff out of junk. Chinese farmer Shu Mansheng's life-sized flying saucer wheel is only the latest and greatest from the People's Republic.

Guys like Mansheng don't build their own flying machines because they're looking to make a quick buck — they do it because they're passionate about this stuff. Mansheng's flying machine is powered by eight motorcycle motors with propellers. Aerodynamics? Mansheng doesn't need that. All he needs is ambition to build.

And that's what the Chinese farmer has. The 18-foot diameter machine that's worth about $3,135 in parts is Mansheng's fifth prototype and can hover 3.3-feet in the air for about 10 seconds — with him in it. No remote controls here, my friends. Da Vinci would be proud.

More of a proof-of-concept, Mansheng's hovering drone is just another reminder of how hard work and perseverance can lead to results.

Reuters, via BoingBoing

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