Carbon fiber electric jet ski lets you escape from your enemies

Last year we saw an electric jet ski that seemed perfect for any wannabe James Bonds to zip around on. Now it looks like Bond's enemies must have been watching, because this latest personal watercraft looks perfect for a Bond villain.

The Exoconcept Exo is a bit like a jet ski, but instead of sitting upright, you lie prone on it with your body partially in the water. The Exoconcept people call it a personal water scooter, which sounds about right.

The French made Exo comes in two versions, one made from carbon fiber for wealthy henchmen, and an ABS plastic version for baddies on a budget. Propulsion comes from a 7 KWh electric motor that powers a water jet turbine drive system. No mention of the top speed, but the electric drive should make it pretty quiet, perfect for sneaking up on enemy agents.

Exoconcept hasn't announced the prices, but they say it should be in line with a large conventional jet ski. The official launch will be this weekend at the Cannes International Boat & Yacht Show. Just make sure some bald guy called Ernst Stavro Blofeld doesn't attempt to place a large order.

Exoconcept, via BornRich

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