'Beyond Infinity' is the closest we'll come to Tron in the real world

Bright neon blue lines? Check. Intricate geometric shapes? You bet'cha. Digital entities wearing silly hats and chasing one another on cycles of light? Well, maybe not, but I am clicking through these images and murmuring vrooom as I imagine dueling light cycles and flying discs. Does that count?

Designed by French artist Serge Salat, "Beyond Infinity" is an art installation that combines a fetching mix of light, mirrors, painted grids of wood and — we're told, at least — music to create a world that seems to go on forever. The space itself, despite the mirrors making it appear endless, measures some 40 feet by 35 feet and over 12 feet in height. Those figures seem downright claustrophobic next to, you know, infinity.

Salat calls it a "a mystical journey, in which the visitor progresses into the reflected layers of dreams endlessly nested in each other." Allow us to translate that: it's a trippy place to lie down in (something the folks in the gallery below seem to enjoy).

The weirdest part? This art installation appeared in a mall. Malls in Shanghai, China must not peak with the addition of a Cinnabon.

Designboom, via The Fox Is Black, via Archinect

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