Best Buy ad from 15 years ago reminds us how far we've come

In 1996, I was in middle school. We had Prodigy at home, I'd just opened my first Hotmail account, and I signed up for AIM with a ludicrous username that I'm stuck with to this day. This Best Buy ad from way back then with 133 MHz computers, multiple megabytes of RAM, and The Macarena on VHS (!) is a nightmarish reminder of how important tech really is.

If you have even a vague recollection of the era that these ads represent, it's well worth clicking through these pages. Come for the 8x CD-ROM Drive for $149 and the 33,600 bps internal modem from $139, stay for the Apple inkjet printer for a staggering $379 and the Sega Genesis, which was apparently some ancient gaming device, for an equally staggering $122. All this and more, in the gallery below.

Of course, it's important to remember that this derisive nostalgia we're feeling is all relative. In another 15 years (which will be 2026), DVICE will run an article similar to this one, in which we make fun of bulky computers with transistor-based processors, anything that uses batteries, having to "connect" to the Internet, paper, worrying about data storage, and the fact that Best Buy still existed.

Imgur, via Consumerist

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