Aol and Yahoo may merge into one gigantic, irrelevant Internet company

Aol and Yahoo: two companies that were huge in the 90s and have been struggling to figure out what exactly they are since then. So heck, why not just mash them together into a big, confused ball?

That's what might just happen, as apparently the companies are exploring a merger. Good lord. Aol, a company that used to be an internet service provider and is now a gigantic producer of SEO bait content, and Yahoo, a search engine and content portal that's had its lunch eaten by Google. What's the overlap? I guess they could merge their content farms together, that'd be something. But what does one have to offer the other that would save either company from the inexorable march towards irrelevancy? Not much that I can see. But hey, I'm not the one looking to throw millions of dollars away!

Bloomberg via Electronista

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