Anonymous: cyber attacks for Wall Street, 'evil' banks and NYPD

September 24 will be known as the "Day of Vengeance," or so hacktivist group Anonymous is declaring. "Peaceful protests" will be held across the U.S. with other "cyber liberation groups" that'll rain cyber attacks on Wall Street, corrupt banks and the New York Police Department.

The nationwide protests and cyber attacks will be retaliation for the New York Police Department's (NYPD) recent arrests of protesters wearing masks who peacefully occupied Wall Street.

What made the "mask law" arrests so obscure was that the law was from 1845. The Wall Street Journal dug up the 166-year-old New York law and unearthed that it barred "tenant farmers who 'used disguises to attack law enforcement officers.'" Anonymous protestors, of course, didn't attack the police and sure as hell weren't tenant farmers — so it seemed a little strange that the NYPD would fall back on such an ancient law.

In fact, one person arrested was wearing a mask on the back of her head, another person was arrested for wearing an orange hat and one woman was cuffed up for writing a message on the sidewalk with chalk.

However, The Slatest says the law was amended in 1965 to "prevent masked gatherings of two or more people, barring 'a masquerade party or like entertainment."

Apparently, the orange hat was considered a mask. In any case, the "mask law" seems to be echoing across the city and nation, with netizens sounding off that if such law was even still valid, then the city's annual Halloween parade would technically be illegal as well. After all, that's a public event with hundreds of people wearing masks. It's unlikely there are enough prison cells to hold them all at once.

The additional protests and cyber attacks are set to fall on Saturday. The press release issued by Anonymous recommends watching the @PLF2012 for updates. Guess we'll find out what happens in two day's time.

Pastebin via TechCrunch

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