Animatronic door should scare the crap out of trick-or-treaters

Do you want to keep those pesky candy-grabbing kids away from your house this Halloween? If so, this animatronic asylum door restraining an axe-wielding lunatic should do the trick.

The door has a "window" which is really a video monitor, through which you can see the creepy axe murderer trying to break out. To add realism, each swing of his axe makes a pronounced impression in the door. Run kids, before he breaks out!

The effect is actually created by a special DVD, which has DTMF codes that trigger pneumatic cylinders to make the axe the axe impressions in the door at just the right moment.

To put the whole shebang together you'll need a flatscreen monitor, the Axe Killer DVD ($60), the DMTF relay controller ($80), and the pneumatic cylinder kit ($80), plus the materials to build the fake door. That all adds up to over $200, but it should make yours the scariest house on the block. Besides, you'll probably save that much by not having to hand out any candy.

You've got about six weeks until Halloween, just enough time to get this all together.

Hi-Rez Designs, via Coolest Gadgets

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