Android GPS puts your map on a live image of the road ahead

In car GPS makes it easy to find your way, but stare at that little screen for too long and you might run into the car ahead. The Wikitude Drive app for Android fixes that problem, by superimposing your route onto a live image of the road.

The idea is kind of like that fancy Pioneer system we saw a few months ago, but this one's a lot easier to install.

Download the app, and mount your Android phone in the windshield and you'll be ready to go. The app uses the phone's built in camera and GPS, and lays down an on-screen green line that you follow to your destination. You can switch to a regular map mode for night driving, and you can add voice prompts.

Wikitude drive is available for most North American and European countries, with the US version going for about $10. No word on whether there will be an iPhone version.

Android Market, via Technology Review

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