Amazon unveils a new, super-cheap $79 Kindle

Amazon's on a roll today, announcing a new touchscreen Kindle as well as a color Kindle Fire tablet, but if you're a cheapskate, the sweetest announcement is definitely the new $79 Kindle.

The new Kindle is a smaller version of the current Kindle, with the same screen size but with the keyboard removed. It's got built-in Wi-Fi and Amazon Whispernet, which keeps your place for you across multiple devices, and is super thin and light, with faster page turns to boot.

This is pretty huge; $79 is impulse buy territory for a lot of people, and something tells me Amazon is going to sell a boatload of these things. That price point is with ads on your device, though the old Kindle was pretty good about not letting those get in the way of your reading. Without ads, it's $109.

Dead tree books, your days were numbered before, but they're even more numbered now. The new Kindle starts shipping today.

Say Hello To The Whole Kindle Family

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