Amazon looks set to reveal Kindle tablet on Sept 28

Various tech blogs have received invites from Amazon for a special press conference scheduled on September 28. Our natural instincts tell us Amazon's Kindle tablet will be officially unveiled to the public at that event. Barnes & Noble's Nook Color better brace itself.

What to Expect

Earlier this month, TechCrunch's MG Siegler got his hands on the Kindle tablet and shared his observations with the world. As far as we know, he's the only person outside of Amazon's designers and engineers who has actually held and used the tablet.

This is what we know about the Android-powered Kindle tablet: 7-inch screen, single-core processor, 6GB of storage, speakers, micro-USB and no cameras. It'll have a Cover Flow-esque carousel for opening apps, e-books, music and videos and it'll sell for an estimated price of $250.

Amazon's Kindle tablet will primarily be fighting the Nook Color, and if it happens to eat into the iPad's share because of its robust Amazon content services, then it'll do that, too.

Maybe An E Ink Kindle With A Touchscreen?

There's also the possibility that Amazon might refresh the E Ink Kindle lineup. Barnes & Noble refreshed its E Ink Nook with a smaller touchscreen-enabled one back in May.

Currently, Amazon's Kindle strategy is split two-fold: ads and non-ad supported models. Both are selling quite well. It seems people don't mind the ads if it means a cheaper Kindle.

E Ink is still beloved amongst voracious readers. No tablet, Nook Color or iPad can be used for reading out in the park on a sunny day. Amazon's smart — it's definitely not going to kill E Ink-based e-readers. It's a niche, but it's one that book lovers want and need. A touchscreen Kindle seems inevitable, or else Amazon risks looking outdated.

Nook Color 2 Looms

On the horizon, there's also murmurs that Barnes & Noble is ready to update its Nook Color. Amazon announcing its Kindle tablet sooner, rather than later, would help it steal some thunder off any possible Nook Color 2. But, who knows, everything is just rumor fodder until it's official.

Keep it locked at DVICE, as we'll be here to give you the 411 on all the Amazon tablet news when it drops.

UPDATE: Looks like this here tablet has a name, at least until Amazon says otherwise at its unveiling on the 28th: the Kindle Fire.

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