Alleged iPhone 5 case shows a considerable jump up in size

We're getting real close to the iPhone 5 release and you know what that means, leaked iPhone cases! Italian Mac site Macitynet has what it claims is an alleged case for the iPhone 5, possibly revealing the relative size of the phone in comparison to the current iPhone 4.

Judging from the photos (the clearest ones we've got so far), the form factor of the iPhone 5 is indeed set to grow wider, taller but also become thinner. Gone is the boxy design and back in is what appears to be a unibody design that tapers on the corners. Volume buttons now resemble the fourth-generation iPod Touch's plastic buttons and the mute button's moved over to the right side.

New rumors also peg the iPhone 5's screen to be 3.7-inches, only 0.2-inches larger than the iPhone 4's 3.5-inch Retina Display. It was previously believed that Apple would go with a 4-inch display.

Basically, pretty spot on with MacRumor's reverse-designed iPhone 5 renders.

It's also believed that Apple will continue to sell the iPhone 4 as a low-end model, much like how the 3GS was kept around as the entry-level iPhone when the iPhone 4 launched.

Apple's expected to announced the iPhone 5 at its annual September music event in the coming days with the actual release of the iPhone 5 set for October.

Get ready, the tide's coming. It's coming! For now, you can ogle at the case and comparisons with the iPhone 4 and fourth-gen iPod Touch in the gallery below. iPhone fans should be salivating, any minute now.

Macitynet, via 9to5Mac

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