Alarm clock bomb must be how MacGyver gets up in the morning

Nothing will get you up and alert quickly in the morning, than having to defuse a bomb before the timer counts down to zero. This bomb alarm clock forces you to do your best MacGyver impersonation, choosing between four colored wires to cut the one that will stop the clock.

The Defusable Clock from Nootropic Design has a big red button that starts the timer, then you have ten seconds to choose which wire to snip. One will stop the countdown and make you a hero, two do nothing, and the fourth will "detonate" the bomb making you look more like MacGruber than MacGuyver. The wire sequence is randomly chosen each time you use it, so you won't be able to simply learn which one to cut.

While snipping a real wire gives the whole thing some added realism, it does mean that you'll need to replace the wire each time you use it. To make this a bit easier, they are attached with screw terminals.

Nootropic designer Mike Krumpus made this one for his own use, but he plans to offer a kit version that you can build pretty soon. I just hope he isn't planning on making a travel version, as that could cause a few problems with the TSA at the airport.

Nootropic Design, via MakeZine

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